Lombok Tours

Ko-ko-mo can provide drivers and guides to escort guests on Lombok for a range of cultural or adventurous personalised tours to a wide variety of natural sites and places of cultural interest around the island, including antique, handicraft, fashion and souvenir shops, markets, museums, water falls and famous volcano, Mt. Rinjani

Most worthy of a visit on Lombok are the spectacular waterfalls at Senaru and the trek to the top of the volcano, Mount Rinjani.

South Lombok also offers beautiful beaches and is famous for the number of fabulous surfing beaches nearby. Popular surf spots include Kuta, Gerupuk, Tanjung Aan, Mawun and Mawi beaches. If you are interested in cultural tours, our driver can take you touring to the local villages to see the craftsmen at work, or spend the day shopping for local crafts and artifacts, as well as the beautiful Lombok Pearls.